Daydream Health is all about taking action. It’s about getting unstuck.

When emotional, it’s easy to get caught up in the moment. We may feel overwhelmed, out of control, and even a little crazy at times.

It’s okay to feel the way we do. In fact, we must learn to give ourselves complete permission to feel the way we do. Embrace it. Sit in it. Feel it.

But to be healthy and thrive, we need to apply some tools. This can help us climb our way out of some of those heavy emotional moments.

The self-help tools shared are simple, kind, and effective. They honor each and every emotion and feeling, helping to heal the body naturally – mentally and physically.

In my blog and sample videos, I will be combining modalities to suit each unique situation.

It’s not a perfect process and there is no finish line. I can tell you that choosing just one tool is better than sitting there.

You can find peace within yourself. You don’t have to feel like sh*t most of the time, and can start to feel better more of the time.

Cindy Dietz, Daydream Health