Boost Concentration with Binaural Beats

If you’re a daydreamer like me, your brainwaves are primarily in the Alpha range (8-12 Hz). It feels like being half asleep most of the time. It’s a great state to be in when watching tv or anything else non-productive, but frustrating when we need to think and organize our thoughts.

Daydreaming in the Alpha range has its purpose though. It can help us figure out solutions to a lot of our problems. I’ve had great ideas while drifting off to sleep, when waking up, when eating lunch, or while driving. But it can become quite a problem when my mind can’t stop wandering.

People with learning disabilities and attention problems often have a brainwave deficit, which explains why daydreaming get the best of us. It also explains why our mornings can move very slowly.

In order to increase my brainwaves naturally and effectively with Binaural Beats, I listen to Beta brainwaves (12-30 Hz). My brain will speed up by matching the frequency it hears. The result is relaxed but alert.

You can listen to different types to see what appeals to you. I like a lower tone with a consistent beat, with no background noise, such as water or dolphin sounds. To me, the extra sounds are distracting and stimulate my nervous system.

In order for the beats to increase your brainwaves, you must listen to them with a pair of ear covering headphones. The left and right sound wave channels overlap, creating a “beat” at the intersection. I found a nice pair of bluetooth headphones so I can walk around the house wire-free.

I put beats on my iPod and iPhone, so I have quick access. You can find free beats on YouTube and bookmark your favorites. Some binaural beats are created with cool visuals in videos, which can be used for deep meditation, anxiety relief, pain management and more.

I typically listen to the beats when I have to do executive functioning tasks – reading, writing, or organizing. They tune out background noise, so I can focus completely. They’re the only thing I’ve found that helps me achieve a meditative state of mind for more than 15 minutes.

Whether you’re trying to relax, meditate, rest, heal, or reach a higher level of executive function to achieve your goals, binaural beats can get you there. Good luck and enjoy listening to the beats.

View my video on YouTube: Boost Concentration with Binaural Beats – Cindy Dietz

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Here’s one of my favorite free binaural beats to listen to on YouTube.
You can download it here for a small fee. http://binaural–

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