Seeking Help

As a person with ADHD, I understand how hard it is to consistently meet expectations in today’s society. All the struggling can make a person feel alone, empty and frustrated.

For years I wasn’t taking care of myself – mentally or physically – and it was making me very ill. Slowly, I added new things to try to feel better. Some worked. Some didn’t. I even attended a support group and discovered that I wasn’t alone.

Over time, I learned how to be mindful, which helped me seek out new tools to heal my body and mind. I now realize the importance of being true and good to oneself.

We can’t always live to please others. That’s exhausting. We truly do need to put ourselves first, so we can be strong for what’s ahead. There is a way to embrace who we are and thrive in this world.

I don’t think people with ADHD need more “complicated” in their lives, so I only share tools that are easy to apply and effective. Please follow me and discover what works for you. Please visit the Solutions Page for more information.

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