CBD and Anxiety


What is anxiety?

Anxiety is intense excessive and persistent worry and fear about everyday situations, the symptoms that come with that are fast heart rate, rapid breathing, sweating and fatigue.

Anxiety is a normal response to certain situations however excessive anxiety can become a problem that needs to be addressed and taken care of. Not just fixed, but really taken care of. 

How do you treat anxiety?

Through physical activity, healthy diet, regular sleep and relaxation, avoid caffeine alcohol, and nicotine. These substances throw off bodies balance of nerves that cause anxiety to come up without warning/ cause. CBD as a supplement helps to ease the body and does the opposite of these substances. CBD helps to balance the nervous system which eases anxiety. Normalizing heart heart rate, breathing, lessening sweating, and soothing fatigue. 

What is CBD?

A molecule found in marijuana that helps the cannabinoid system send signals. 

How does CBD affect anxiety?

 There is evidence that CBD has powerful affects on the cannabinoid system without cause any type of euphoric or psychoactive results. It helps to relax the body which in turn relaxes and calms the mind. Anxiety is an extra response that needs to be calmed down and treated to let the body know it is okay to relax when the mind isn't communicating and connecting with it. CBD helps to make the communication bridge to calm the body. 

Is it a one time thing?

CBD can be taken on a daily basis as a preventative and stabilizing measure. Or can be taken as a method to calm current anxiety.


How is CBD used to lessen anxiety?

Oils, vapes, capsules, smokable, edibles. 


What are the long term issues with anxiety?

Over time anxiety left untreated can cause major health issues leading to hurt organs, and mental health issues. 


CBD is a great supplement that is gentle and affective with treating symptoms of anxiety. It can interact with other medications. Speak with a doctor before using. 

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