Recognizing Self Harm and Replacing with Self Care

Self harm is so damaging. It sounds like something that is done on purpose. That you’re hurting yourself. Why would you hurt yourself on purpose? When we always want to elevate ourselves and feel pleasure; not pain. 

   We aren’t always aware when we are harming ourselves; hurting ourselves. Making ourselves feel pain. Not only are we not always aware, we also become adjusted and become comfortable with pain, as if all we know is to harm ourselves. It becomes part of our nature. Our nature becomes to abuse our own mind, body and spirit through our actions. 

   Self harm specifically comes from our actions. It is an act, a verb, a process, a procedure, an action, however you want to call it. We can be harmed by others actions this is not to be denied or neglected. Self harm sometimes makes the door to our feelings stand wide open leaving us vulnerable and even allows for more opportunities for others to harm you. 

    A wounded animal is easy to hurt because  its wounds stay open and the animal may even eat at them from irritation, making its condition worse. If we are to pet this wounded animal even that may hurt. This animal may have hurt itself by trying to hunt or being in the wrong place at the wrong time or from an attack from another animal. Its road to recovery may be difficult. Love and care and inner strength will heal the animal. Giving up the hunt and eating its own wounds will make the animal sick and more weak.

    What is self harm? We don’t necessarily have open wounds on our bodies. We do have wounds though. We hold in our pain in our bodies, our stomachs, our backs, our muscles in our face and entire body, our hearts, our feet, and most importantly our minds. Self harm is when you know taking a certain action will cause you pain, but you decide to take that action anyways. Let me give some mild and common examples:


-Saving and rereading messages that upset you.

-Watching videos that upset you.

-Reaching out to people that you know won’t respond or that you don’t even really enjoy talking to.

-Not accepting people as they are and pretending that they are something else.

-Not asking for what you need and expecting people to understand then being mad when they don’t know what you need. 

-Explaining and arguing to someone who most likely will never agree with you.

-Following people on social media that bother you.


   These are common and mild because they are. Other forms of self harm that are more damaging and can stem from the above actions include but aren’t limited to:


-Drug abuse, using stimulation to ease pain from self harm. This harms our immune system, organs, nervous system, and motivation. 

-Self physical pain, hitting, squeezing, screaming, convulsing.

-Starvation, usually from depressing the mind and over exerting nervous system. 

-Suicidal thoughts and life threatening actions. 


   These are all extremely common ways of self harm. So common that they are embedded in most people. These actions are very time consuming and detrimental to having a fulfilling, exciting, comfortable, livable life. Depending on how much pain one can take and how much the individual is affected by these self harm actions, varies. You might even be addicted to things that upset you because that is what is most comfortable for you. Constantly rereading messages and causing issues to create the moment when you can reread those messages. Does this sound crazy? Or does it sound like this is something you do and you are having trouble accepting that this is harmful to you?

    If a fly were to see you everyday for a week everywhere you go. How many hours would the fly see you starring at phone angrily. How many hours would the fly see you starring at wall angrily. How many hours would the fly see you arguing with someone. How many hours would the fly see you complaining to a friend about someone? 

    Now, let me explain that complaining is not always a form of self harm. However, the actions that allowed the events to take part that you are complaining about are usually allowed from self harm and by allowing yourself to create the mindset of creating harmful situations. 

   The biggest key is to forgive yourself for the self harm. Forgive everyone involved in the pain you are feeling. Forgive, Forgive, Forgive. Take BIG action to forgive! Take BIG action to reset to energize to cleanse and to breathe. Change is beautiful, it is attainable, and it is realistic. It’s time to enjoy yourself, heal yourself, feel yourself, protect yourself, strengthen yourself, hear yourself, love yourself. 

    What is the opposite of self harm? Self care. You might be thinking “no one cares about me.” If no one cares about you but you that is one person. That one person that you have control over. You have the power to care about yourself. You have the power at any point in your life whatever the outcome is at any milestone throughout, you have the power to care about yourself. You have the power to energize yourself to accept yourself and grow whatever you desire to feel. 

    Love is a feeling we have when we care about someone or something. It comes in many different shapes in forms. When you forgive the big love episodes you start to see the small ones that you may have missed before. If no one cares about you but the cashier at the grocery store thats one person. Don’t expect the most from everyone. Try to see good. Look for good. Follow what makes you happy to see on social media. Watch shows that make you happy or that expand your mind. The more room you make from not taking actions that harm yourself, the more room you have to take care of yourself, and take care of your life. 

   With all that being said. If self harm is a reoccurring action you are taking. You have stress rummaging through your systems. May get sick easily and your mind may stay in a constant state of panic and alertness. When we are constantly stressed out we throw off our bodies balance and disconnect our minds from our bodies. We neglect what we need. We stress eat foods that do not nourish our bodies. We self medicate and put harmful toxins into our systems depleting what we need to actually think clearly because were angry we don't want to think. 

   Take care of yourself. Take time to create habits of self care. Replenish your body with what it needs to get back into balance. Our Cannabinoid system works hand in hand with all our bodies systems to help communicate. Stress harms the cannabinoid system so it does not work. This harms our bodies by throwing off its normal functions and chemical balances.

CBD helps to calm inflammation that causes pain, irritability, loss of appetite, migraines, nerve stress. This cannabinoid is powerful and beneficial to help with Self Care. With the right action behind taking this supplement. CBD helps to get you back into balance and to maintain that balance through ups and downs. 

Make choices with yourself to choose to be healthy & this supplement will help you stay on track. Taken over time you will replenish your cannabinoid system with the cannabinoids it needs to stabilize your body and mind while healing from stress and dealing with stress as it may come in your day to day while still allowing you to stay focused. 


Please shop our Full Spectrum CBD and take time for Self Care.





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