Most Unknown Moisturizing Hacks

Most Unknown Moisturizing Hacks



Moisturizing is the process of adding and maintaining moisture which requires a good canvas (clean skin ) moisture (water) and “izing” the product used and the timing/ how frequently.


#1 Moisturizing right out of the shower.

Moisturizing needs moisture which comes from water! 💦 Using natural products helps to lock in that moisture and nourish the skin at the same time.  Doing this takes care of the cells that make up the skins barrier keeping it protected and free from drying up and flaking off.


#2 Using products that actually moisturize your specific skin needs.

Everyone is living a different life in different climates doing different things. You may live in a humid area and moisturize less then someone living in a dry area. You may have genetics that make your skin grow more hair then others. Your hair removal routine may require that you sanitize your skin to prevent irritation and red bumps which will then require products that have bacteria killing properties and products that moisturize gently. There should be no avoiding products there is not smooth skin without aid from natural occurring oils on the earth. Products = Natural + Necessary


#3 Drinking enough water/ addressing gut issues causing irritation, dryness, and inability to absorb nutrients.

Natural moisture levels in the skin barrier can be partially credited to how well your body absorbs moisture as well as the products used. If you are drinking a lot of water yet still seeing lots of dryness you may have a clogged gut inhibiting the flow of water to your vital organs. Too much mucous and oil inside the body causes blockages of all kinds and is a sign of a weakened immune system and lack of optimal digestive function. Overgrowth of candida(yeast), excess muscles, cholesterol, fecal matter can build up in the gut and should be addressed by a doctor, nutritionist, or herbal specialist to alleviate and make room for nutrients and water to do what nature intended it to do. Heal your gut and see how your skin begins to flourish.


#4  knowing your Ayurvedic type.

Take an ayruvedic education quiz to see what body type you are. Learn how to balance it and see what happens this may require what time you take a nap 😴 or what foods you should eat to avoid too much dampness in your body and to increase the circulation in your body getting all your juices going and flowing properly.


#5 Knowing when to stop!

You are drying out your body with alcohol and coffee or other astringent foods that strip the moisture out of your organs. Chill out, you need to incorporate more than just water to balance out the astringent properties of drinking coffee. Astringent drinks and foods are taking nutrients from the organs it is removing the water from. You need to compensate by drinking more water and more nourishing teas/ beverages/ foods to replenish and maintain balance to keep skin healthy.


#6 Exfoliate!

That skin is getting tired whether it is moisturized or not and it’s not needed anymore. Get it off ! Soap does not exfoliate. Using a scrub or a scrubbing tool like a loaf, skin brush, or exfoliating glove ect. is the only way to exfoliate. This exposes new cells that are healthier and more supple. Moisturize and protect these fresh skin cells and repeat. Don’t wait for them to fall off ! Be one with your body.