The Power Of Tea

The Power Of Tea

   Drink Tea for this, use herbal salve for that. Herbs are used in cooking, in our personal care products, used in spirutal practices, and so on. But why? You may ask yourself if there is any point. Do they really have the benefits that herbalist and doctors claim? The answer is yes, yes herbs do have a variety of benefits. However, the science behind how to utilize those benefits is the key ingredient to successful herbal care. You need to use them properly in order to achieve desired results.

   Tea is our favorite and most universal way to harness the power of herbs. Did you know that your mouth and nose are key receptors that activate the bodies response to the essential oils released from the herbs. By taking capsules you surpass this key response and sometimes gain little to absolutely no benefit from the herb. This is why it's important to research your herbs and know why you are taking them.

   For example pungent herbs are meant to activate the digestive system and as soon as they hit the mouths receptors the body is aware and responds quickly to activate the digestive system as a whole. Rather than when pungent herbs are taken as a capsule they will be released into the gut could surpass the stomach into large intestine and have much less of an affect in activating the digestive system.

    This is not to say that taking capsules is a bag thing, as many herbs contain large amounts of minerals and nutrients that can be absorbed into the digestive system. Also,certain herbs taken in capsule form need to be taken in large quantities making it more convenient. But, whenever possible, drinking tea is great option and incorporating drinking at least a cup a day while still taking capsules is definitely going to give your body the most benefit.

   It is said that you body knows what you need and when you need it. If you can imagine your mouth as the front door of your castle if you are sneaking capsules past the door you may be overloading yourself with more then what you need and expelling it. Your (front door) mouth receptors know what you need and can better say "okay that's enough" when it is being monitored as you intake it in a tea form because it is aware of the intake that's being measured in the liquid. Your brain will get the message of "okay I'm full" or "drink another cup" the more you get to see how herbs are affecting you. This process is similar to eating too much food or too little food and feeling hunger. This is more like feeling health and vitality verses feeling deficiency and disease.

   Getting to know these receptors is an interesting process. Try not to make it more complicated than it has to be though. Pay close attention to what your body is asking you for and you will bring health and vitality into your life consistently. Just like you know you need to wash your greasy hair, you will learn when your gut is a little too clogged up and you should wash it out by drinking herbs that will do that for you then eat the foods that will condition and enhance.

   You will discover what herbs are best for you to calm down the anxiety symptoms causing you to sweat during your important meetings that then make you irritable and stressed. You will recognize when built up stress and toxins are present and take care before they harm your immune system making you more vulnerable to sickness. You will learn your patterns and know when you need to simply have a cup of herbal tea. This process of drinking tea proactively to prevent issues allows you to stay in tune with your natural rhythms so there's less of a chance of imbalances in the future.