Dream V Steam
Dream V Steam
Dream V Steam
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Dream V Steam

Day Dream Health
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2 Oz. for 2-4 Steams


100% Natural steam blend made with carefully selected flowers and herbs to clean and rejuvenate your V. The vapors of this potent steam hydrate, soothe, and moisturize your V for better PH naturally without chemicals. 


 Blend: Sarsaparilla (Anti-Inflammatory), Pau D’ Arco (Anti-Fungal, anti HPV), Red Rose Petals (Calms Pain, Astringent), Rosemary (Anti-Microbial, Cleansing), Lavender (Relaxes Mind & Body), Shepard’s Purse (Reduces Fibroids), Raspberry (Tightens & Tones) 



1.Boil a 2-6 cups of water.

2.Pour in herb pack.

3. Let steep for 10 minutes while covered. 

4. Place in yoni seat of your liking. (in yoni throne, carefully place pot in toilet, or hold a squat above pot)

5. Remove Clothes from waste down

6. Sit over steam for 20-60 min while covering hips and legs with large towel, blanket, or skirt to keep in steam.


Recommend 1-3 Steams Per Month

What is V steaming?

The process of relaxing and cleansing your genitalia with water, heat, and herbs.  It is a gentle and effective way of cleansing purifying and nourishing the genitalia. (Your V)


What are the benefits of V Steaming?

V steaming promotes good hygiene, elimination of odors, elimination of pains, muscle relaxation, easing of cramping, increased blood flow, increased vaginal moisture and natural lubrication, cleansing and purifying inside your V, labia, and surrounding skin.

This steam reduces the impact or risk of developing fibroids, BV, yeast infections, V dryness, inflammation, cramping, heavy irregular periods, hormonal imbalances, irritated skin, and irritability.

How often should you steam?

At least once a month while not on period.  The most you should steam is 3 times per month.



Maintain your results by adding this steam to your monthly self care routine. 


Not recommended while pregnant.